Barking Cuttlefish

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Adult Weight2kgs
Maturity Period6 months
Lifespan4-6 years

Raised by coastal communities, barking cuttlefish are pets kept to help in fishing, trapping and navigation. Expressing intelligence and affection akin to that of a dog, it is no wonder these creatures are affectionately called “the hounds of the sea”.


Barking cuttlefish are used to herd schools of fish into traps, seek our crustaceans and to steer larger fish into the paths of spear-fishers. They are also often taken aboard ships and released at sea while anchored to retrieve meals for the crew or to help determine oceanic flows.


Keepers of these cephalopods often dig large pits and channels for them to swim in further ashore, with some communities going so far as to maintain channels within their village to allow the cuttlefish to cohabitate in salt water pools, swimming between them and the ocean through dense waterways.

Mostly, however, the fish are taken from the water and carried in large buckets in which they are transported to collective pools for keeping and feeding.


Barking cuttlefish mostly eat scraps of fish, able to scrape bones of fish clean. This makes them ideal companions for fishing communities. They can also tear open shellfish.

Freshwater Varieties

Some breeds of these cuttlefish are able to live in fresh water, though they are mush smaller and less useful, they are mostly used in small groups to shepherd domestically kept fish.

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