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Attunement Basics

Attunement involves acquiring a deep understanding of oneself and the surrounding world.

By reaching a deep understanding, often by living within nature, attunists can share energies and draw properties from their surroundings or specific natural objects. This might include drawing heat from a stone, bending nature to their will, able to sense a disturbance in their environment, or healing simple wounds through effort of will alone. A healing salve in which an one is attune with all the ingredients becomes a powerful healing spell. Attunists also make great sharpshooters, able to guide arrows and bolts in tune with the elements.

Attunitsts rarely feel comfortable outside of the environment they are attuned with. But those powerful enough can still use nature based spells surrounding their understanding of themselves and the workings of that which they can affect.


Oftentimes attunist find one or more animal companions they call ‘familiars’ and can communicate with. Osvarans call this their ‘Lakota’. An attunist that has this capability is called an ’empath’.

Powerful empaths can speak with their familiars, heighten their familiars intelligence, or in extreme cases see through their familiars eyes.

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