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Claim your castle. Build your kingdom. Shape the fate of the world.

Build an Asset to Rule

Own castles and govern the surrounding land
Develop your raw land to boost production
Sell your resources to other players
Join live role playing events
Build an empire and influence the story and fate of the world through your rule



Castles serve as the backbone of your kingdom. Existing as ERC-1155 NFTs, each castle comes with a surrounding parcel of 18 land tiles. These tiles can be developed by spending resources to create Development NFTs.

Tokenized Resources

Develop the lands around your castle to generate ERC20 tokenized resources. Hoard these resources to develop your kingdom further, to sell to other players, or pledge them to events to secure the future of a wounded Mortegard.


Spend your tokenized resources to create new developments on the land surrounding your castles. Stake these developments to produce more resources or to sell to other players for use in their kingdom.


Recruit influential and knowledgeable courtiers into your retinue. Leverage their knowledge to gain powerful kingdom-wide bonuses to bolster your kingdom.


After the defeat of the Crooked, Mortegard was left in ruins. Pick up the pieces with other players under the unity of strife and rebuild the foundation of the land. Pledge resources to events to resolve outlying conflicts and garner extra opportunities to seize more power for your kingdom.

Craft Development Cards with Tokenized Resources

Develop the raw land surrounding your castle to generate ERC20 tokenized resources. Hoard these resources to develop your empire, supply your retinue for quests, sell to other players or pledge to events to shape the future of a wounded world.

Castle cards entitle you to a parcel of developable land in Mortegard.

Developments are cards that produce resources every 8 hours when placed on land and can be upgraded.

Feyrith Min

Build a Retinue of Courtiers

Assemble a cast of characters, attracted by your exploits or tempted by your coin to help build your empire. Each grant powerful production bonuses, or can be sent on quests to locate rare items To help build your empire.

courtier_tundric_mudcloak_card Half

Courtiers are 1155 NFTs that bolster resource outputs or are sent on expeditions to acquire rare treasures.

Shape the Story and Lore

Join the leaders of other empires in live roleplaying Events. Meet and discuss issues with characters from the world. Form alliances or make enemies, and live with the consequences of your actions in a truly dynamic event management system.

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